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Edited Lives

Edited Lives The last time I was in a store that sold trophies was probably around 1967 when I might have been with my mother as she picked up awards for the “girls” in her suburban bowling league. That I was able to find a storefront trophy store in midtown Manhattan made me feel as… Continue Reading

An Evening in Greenwich Village

On a fall evening, in the library of Casa Italiana, an Italianate-style townhouse owned by New York University, a woman named Mirella Bedarida Shapiro spoke of her grandmother and great grandmother. Her grandmother, Gemma Vitale Servadio, had written eight letters in the spring and summer of 1944 that have survived and that Shapiro had recently… Continue Reading

Ode in Prose

Ode in Prose

What I did with my summer vacation is write a poem. Those twelve lines about talking with friends at a dinner are the best record I have of having done something different. No T-shirt or mug, shard of beach glass or whelk matches the souvenir of a finished poem, especially one you get to recite… Continue Reading